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Natural salt production has been an important industry in Sri Lanka for thousands of years, with commercial production at Hambantota dating back to 1938. Under the guidance of then Government Agent of Hambantota, Mr. Leonard Woolf, the salterns were brought under the Salt Department, which later became the Salt Corporation in 1970. In 1996, Lanka Salt Limited (LSL) was formed to manage the salterns at Hambantota, and today it is the largest salt producer in Sri Lanka, catering to 70% of the country’s needs. LSL produces high-quality iodized salt and table salt, helping to prevent iodine deficiency disorders and brain damage.

Over time, the methodology for salt production has evolved from the olden days, where high tide was used for brine intake and then channeled through to salt pans by gravitational force. Today, modern scientific techniques are employed, aided by the abundant scorching sun heat and blowing wind in Hambantota, which help to condense salt in the pans. In the colonial period, prisoners under rigorous imprisonment were deployed for harvesting salt, but presently LSL is managed by a knowledgeable staff under the prudent guidance of the Chairman, Mr. Chaminda Sooriyapatabendhi.

LSL’s approach emphasizes employing manpower for most activities to create employment in the region. The use of machinery is limited to a bare minimum, making it the largest manufacturing concern in Hambantota. In addition to the 1000 acre Mahalevaya, LSL manages two mini salterns, namely Palatupana and Bundala. Since 2009, Palatupana and Bundala salterns have been developed by providing infrastructure facilities.

LSL’s eco-friendly Bundala Saltern produces “Singithi Lunu,” a special salt for the Japanese market. Crystal-clear “Singithi Lunu” salt is a product of an eco-friendly environment that is endemic to Bundala. While Singithi Lunu production costs are higher than the normal salt production cost, the Bundala saltern has become an amazing gift from nature to Sri Lanka, with its scenic beauty and panoramic location.

In the future, LSL plans to expand its operations by investing in pure vacuum salt production and an eco-friendly solution solar energy project to reduce production costs. With a high demand for natural salt produced from seawater in the international market, LSL is poised to continue as a leading salt producer in Sri Lanka.

The Board of Directors

Chaminda sooriyapatabendhi

Chairman-Lanka Salt Ltd.

K.S. Dayaratne

Director -Lanka Salt Ltd.

G.A.S. Sumanasena‚Äč

Director -Lanka Salt Ltd.

Priyantha Wijesekara

Director -Lanka Salt Ltd.

Aruna Kumara Sandasiri

Director -Lanka Salt Ltd.

T.G. Janaka Pushpakumara

Director -Lanka Salt Ltd.

J. Eranda Janaka

Director -Lanka Salt Ltd.

J.A. Kasun Thilanjana

Director -Lanka Salt Ltd.


Director -Lanka Salt Ltd.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr (Eng) Ajith Shanmuganathan