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Products are produced by Lanka Salt Ltd. is contained naturally produced sea salt on the cleaned beds using sun and wind evaporation. Lanka salt ltd is intake very clear and pollution free sea water from deep sea area near by coast. This sea salt has been packed into an attractive packages after going through a few factory treatment steps such as crushing, washing, drying & iodization. Production of iodized salt in Sri Lanka was started by Lanka Salt Ltd more than 25 years ago. Through this, Lanka salt ltd has made a significant contribution to the prevention of iodine deficiency disorders in Sri Lanka. And so on products of Lanka Salt Ltd have been manufactured under the regulations issued by the statutory & regulatory bodies in Sri Lanka. And also our salt manufacturing processes have been certified ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 22000:2018 certifications by Sri Lanka Standard institution.

Brand “Lak Lunu”

History of Brand “LakLunu” dates way back to the more than half century, and this timeless brand has been pleasing chef and customers ever since, whether it's being used to season entrees, appetizers, or snacks.

Brand “Sanstha”

“Sanstha”Salt was launched in 1983, as the first national branded salt of in Sri Lanka. It was pioneered salt brand bringing packaged salt into a market where unbranded, unpackaged salt was the norm. Taste of this product is still inveterate in the consumer community with us since immemorial.

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